Adding or Changing Dates & Destinations

When you go to the 'edit my listing' button, you are faced with 4 options, the second of which is to specify your date and destination preferences.  The system allows you to specify up to five separate date periods, each with an unlimited number of destinations, so there's no reason why you can't be searching for five different trips at one time - perfect for those tied to school holidays for example.

Use of Anytime: Unless you are genuinely able to travel at any time, it's best not to use Anytime.  By stating the specific date windows in which you would like to travel, you will get much better targeted offers of interest from other members and reduce the number of unsuitable offers that you and all other members receive.  Also, by stating specific dates rather than Anytime, the results from member searches will be much more likely to

Destinations: Similarly, it is best to avoid the use of Open to Offers for destinations unless you are willing to consider offers from all over the world.  Many members are very flexible but for example do not wish to go to Australia.  Now that you can add continents, it would be preferable to state Europe and Americas.  We have also introduced the ability to specify regions within a country.  So if you wish to visit family in Sydney, you should add Australia >  New South Wales, thus avoiding members in other parts of the country contacting you unnecessarily.

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