What our members say about home swapping with HomeLink...


We have been with Homelink for several years now and simply love what it brings to our lives
Mr W, London, August 2016

Fantastic year - so many exchanges. We are recently back from Mexico and are off to Canada in August and California in October.  We are getting round the world!
Ms S, Llanelli, June 2016

We have had some great swaps over the last few years and already have 3 more lined up for 2016/17 in Australia including Sydney for the New Year celebrations which is very exciting!
Mr & Mrs N, Essex, May 2016 

We must have had close to 100 offers over the last year or so.  We are exchanging with Salzberg next week, and Florence and Amalfi in the autumn. Plus two more exchanges in San Francisco and Santa Barbara for two months next year. Well worth the effort of saying no as kindly as possible to the other 90!
Mrs M, Sussex, May 2016

We now have 5 swaps totalling about 20 weeks over this year and next arranged. They span France, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
Mr H, Cambridgeshire, May 2016

We have had a brilliant time house swapping over the last few years and have just had our second swap in 2015 to Australia.
Ms C, Hampshire, January 2016

We have now been members of Homelink  for years and I have to say it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of family life. We have met lots of people through the years whom we would now regard as friends and had some wonderful exchanges literally throughout the world. We continue to host quite a few people as they travel round Ireland and use the old addage that you get out what you put in. I couldn't  begin to put down on paper the fantastic stories of generosity and friendship we have experienced but needless to say we love it.
Mr C, N.Ireland, December 2015

We have just returned from a fantastic 8 week holiday in NZ, having exchanged with no less than 7 members on both islands. We stayed in some fabulous homes and met some really hospitable people. It was far far better than using hotels. 
Ms P, Bristol, December 2015

After your extremely helpful chat with me on the phone I have now arranged a 9 week trip to NZ, staying with four different Homelink members in Rotorua, Queenstown, Blenheim and Napier. Thanks for all your help!
Mrs C, Hampshire, November 2015

Homelink has been absolutely fantastic and we have really enjoyed using it. We've done some fabulous exchanges and I can certainly recommend it. 
Ms K, London, October 2015

I have recently completed my first swap (in Balchik, Bulgaria) and I just thought I would let you know what a great experience it has been. I have enjoyed it from start to finish. It has felt so different from renting - my house was immaculate after their visit and we felt a real sense of duty of care when we were at their house. The ability to ask questions before the visit was really helpful and made sure we made the most of our time there.
Ms S, Hertfordshire, September 2015

We have had 24 exchanges. In all we think we have saved at least £20,000, all as a result of your good offices.  And we have made many friends, especially in our long term exchanges to the Gold Coast.  All thanks to you and Homelink.
Mr D, Dorset, September 2015

We have enjoyed 6 years of house swaps and met some wonderful people, many of whom are now friends. I would recommend HomeLink and thank you for a wonderful service.
Mr R, Devon, July 2015

Requests keep flooding in ... more than even I can manage. Very happy!
Ms G, London, May 2015

I think your company is a real gem and we have enjoyed the home swaps with you immensely 
Mr S, Gloucestershire, May 2015

We are new to Home swapping and have arranged two exciting home swaps for this summer through your excellent website. 
Ms Hall, Tunbridge Wells, May 2015

Many thanks for a very successful year with Homelink.  I went to see my daughter and new baby at Christmas and house swapped in Melbourne just ten minutes' away from them. It worked brilliantly!
Ms R, Brighton, April 2015

What did I do without Homelink in my life!
Ms S-E, Derbyshire, April 2015

I could not have afforded the holidays we have had without Homelink.
Ms B, London, March 2015

Travelling around New Zealand at present.  4 house exchanges included in this 10 week trip plus one in Sydney on the way home.  What a wonderful way to see the world.  The money I save on accommodation allows us to take part in so many more activities and eat at great restaurants.  Brill.
Ms B, Trowbridge, March 2015

Still loving home exchanging, the only option for our summer holidays!!
Mrs S, Buckinghamshire, January 2015

Homelink has been wonderful for us over the years we have worked together. We have had some fabulous swaps and met some terrific people along the way. Some have remained friends for life.
Mr & Mrs S, High Wycombe, October 2014

Homelink is a fantastic service - we tell everyone about it.
Mrs M, Troon, September 2014

HomeLink has definitely been the best money I've ever spent.
Ms H, London, September 2104

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and the Homelink team again for yet another fabulous holiday. We have just got back from Berlin and had a very successful exchange indeed. We are so pleased we discovered Homelink and I just want to thank you again for all you do to help people like us arrange exciting holiday experiences for a fraction of the cost most families pay for their hols. 
Ms K, St Albans, August 2014

We're having an amazing time on an exchange in Bermuda. Awesome property and we've been welcomed by local people as if we're long standing friends. Wonderful!
Mrs N, London, August 2014

We are just sitting in the departure lounge at Brisbane airport after the most amazing 6 month exchange in Queensland and a non-sim for 3 weeks in Melbourne. Many thanks from two very satisfied members.
Mr & Mrs N, Essex, July 2014

Still loving Homelink, have done 12 exchanges in 2+ years.
Mrs F, Bournemouth, July 2014

Thanks again for your help in making our sabbatical affordable! We won't hesitate to recommend Homelink to others.
Mrs P, Berkshire, June 2014

Thank you for your help in the past and I hope that your excellent company goes from strength to strength.
Mr S, London, May 2014

The service from HomeLink is exceptional - thank you
Mrs R, Portsmouth, May 2014

We've continuted to have fantastic experiences through Homelink - just back from an amazing week in Jersey - am constantly recommending it to friends!
Ms S, Oxon, May 2014

We love HOMELINK, we had 4 exchanges last year, all beautiful or interesting or both
Ms S, York, April 2014

Just for your info, we booked our flights to Australia today, we have 11 swaps arranged around Australia and NZ through your wonderful site, so we can't wait for our trip.
Ms D, North Berwick, April 2014

We have really enjoyed our membership. In my retirement it has been like a new hobby. We have met some lovely people and cherish some wonderful memories. We must thank you for the assistance and advice you have given during our period of membership. You are clearly a busy woman, but handled every call with enthusiasm and a refreshing desire to help. Good luck for the future!
Mr L, Aberdeen, March 2014

Pleased to report we're having a good year, with four exchanges arranged for this year.... so far, and have received lots of offers, so we're very happy.
Mr H, Hexham, March 2014

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Homelink.  We have stayed in some wonderful places and have met some lovely people.
Mr & Mrs W, Staffordshire, March 2014

I would like to thank you for Homelink services who have provided us with wonderful holidays over the years.
Ms L, London, February 2014

We are finding home swaps successful and just a great way to see more for less outlay!
Mr & Mrs S, Surrey, January 2014

Thought you might be interested to know that the day after we loaded our details on to our site we had our first request for an exchange, which we now have in place.
Mr & Mrs L, Edinburgh, January 2014

We’ve had a super exchange with a couple in Dorset and have exchanges planned to Bruges and to Prague. Also a weekend in Norfolk. All seems to be going very well, people are so friendly and it is delightful making contact with people all over the world. 

We have a potential exchange for 2015 in Italy, so the bonus is reviving my Italian!
Ms C, Peterborough, January 2014

We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of Homelink this year and had a wonderful exchange in Vancouver as a result. We have been really impressed with the professionalism of your company and have nothing but praise for the whole “Homelink Experience”.
Mr & Mrs W, Twickenham, January 2014

We are only in our second year of membership but have already complete exchange arrangements with Australia , Canada and New Zealand with Holland, US, South Africa and Australia again pending. 
Mr & Mrs W, Bedfordshire, December 2013

Your site is great and we've had so much fun contacting people. There's certainly a lot of members, which adds to the usefulness. It's also great that it's easy to contact you and you always respond so quickly.
Ms D, Oxford, November 2013

We wish we had joined Homelink years ago .. you run an excellent organisation
Mr & Mrs M, Midlothian, November 2013

We have absolutely loved our house swap experiences, largely in Europe and, they have introduced us to our favourite destination, Bavaria, which we simply wouldn't have discovered as it was never on our radar.. thank you for everything you do to make the opportunities available to everyone. It is much appreciated!
Mr & Mrs W, Bath, October 2013

We have had six great exchanges this year and are off on our seventh on Thursday.  2014 is filling up fast too,­mostly with UK swaps, but I’m hoping to find an alpine swap again while we can still get up the odd mountain.  Best wishes and thanks for your excellent service.
Mrs B, Conwy, October 2013

We have had many great years of exchanging for about 13 years thanks to Homelink.
Ms L, Glasgow, September 2013

We have had an amazing year of exchanges.  Every single one of our SIX(!) exchanges this year have been first class.
Mrs P, Saltburn by Sea, September 2013

We've had some fantastic exchanges, been to places we wouldn't otherwise have gone to (e.g. Norway, Vancouver).
Ms P, Worcester, September 2013

We have enjoyed our time with Homelink immensely.  Being a member has given us so much pleasure and confidence in fellow man and we have made life long friends over the past 12 years.  We will continue to meet up with all these people as they come to the UK and thank you for that.
Mr & Mrs N, Surrey, September 2013

 ...I thank you and Homelink ... for the opportunity to have had many wonderful adventures using the service.
Ms J, Caernarfon, September 2013

We are very lucky that Homelink gave us the opportunity to have such a wonderful time in Sydney last September and October, one of the best holidays we have ever had, it was all perfect!! 
Mrs S, Weybridge, July 2013

Thanks for such a terrific service.
Ms D, London, July 2013

Thank you for a wonderful experience.  It is such a great idea and has given us some great trips.
Ms N, Dorset, July 2013

We’ve had such a great experience through homelink and now have holidays planned for this summer (Paris) and next (Brisbane!!)  and feel like we have already made some firm friends and future exchanges.  It is brilliant so a big thank you!
Mrs AP, Winchester, May 2013

We have had a terrific first year with you - believe me, we have had a wonderful time ! Six exchanges abroad ( two Australia, three New Zealand and one in New York ) and one long weekend in the UK.
Mr C, Bath, April 2013

I have had some fantastic exchanges and although it's a while away, I plan to spend my retired life going from one house exchange to another!!
Ms P, Wiltshire, March 2013

We have enjoyed LA, Sydney, Queensland, Yorkshire and Berlin and have had very positive experiences every time. We are always recommending people try homeswapping and promote Homelink!
Mrs R, Falkirk, February 2013

I have been delighted with each and every exchange I have had and am looking forward to our exchange to Cannes in August.
Ms L, London, January 2013

By the way, I’d just like to write a quick thank you because homelink has, quite literally, changed our lives. My husband, myself and our 3 and 5 year old have enjoyed 4 exchanges this year, 2 in England and 2 abroad. However, we’re most excited about spending 6 weeks in Australia on the Gold Coast in July / August in an absolutely beautiful house near the beach with a huge pool.
Mrs W, Surrey, January 2013

I think HomeLink is brilliant. It is a fantastic concept, the site itself is professional and easy to find your way around. I contacted you on a couple of occassions for support and I thought your replies were always prompt and helpful.  I wish you continued success.
Ms I, Bedfordshire, October 2012

Your service has always been top quality and refreshingly human.
Mr P, Perth, October 2012

We are very happy with homelink, having now organised exchanges for the whole of our time in Australia next year ! Amazing
Ms M, Edinburgh, October 2012

We had such a good exchange with an Icelandic family this summer and are very enthusiastic about doing more so we're very pleased to have found Homelink.
Ms H, London, October 2012

After 25 plus wonderful exchanges have decided not to renew .... we started doing exchanges when our children were 10 and 8 and they are now 33 and 35.  Only had one that was not to our liking and that was with another company!!  We could have never visited so many countries without Homelink so thank you for some wonderful holidays and memories.
Mr & Mrs W, Eastbourne, October 2012

Another fantastic home exchange under our belt, we did not want to go home at all ! :)
Ms H, Oxfordshire, October 2012

We are in the middle of our fist exchange, words can't describe how fabulous it is!!! I have been telling lots of people about HomeLink, this holiday is like a dream!
Ms S, Surrey, October 2012

I thought I'd just let you know that we have just returned from our first exchange! We exchanged in Portmarnock, Dublin. We had a wonderful time and it was no much nicer relaxing in a home in the evening rather than a hotel. On returning home we couldn't tell anyone had been in our home apart from the fact that the glass jug of our coffee maker was cleaner than it had ever been!  
Ms M, Cambridge, September 2012

We have been delighted with the site and have met some delightful people - so far it has been a really positive experience.  We will definitely be returning and would recommend the site to others.
Ms B, Llandudno, Septemer 2012 

We had a great first year with Homelink and met some lovely people on our travels.  It is certainly our preferred way of spending our holidays now. 
Ms W, Dundee, September 2012

Thank you Caroline, for the very helpful tips -­ what a very splendid company you have!
Ms K, Tonbridge, September 2012

Keep up the good work, we SO enjoy our exchanges.  South Africa coming to us soon followed by Kenya. We do Israel after Christmas xxx
Ms T, Brighouse, August 2012

We really had just the best experiences with HomeLink in the last years! Lasting friendships with lovely people from all over the world, great unforgettable holidays in fab locations, that is what you provide. And we are looking forward to the days when we retire!
Ms S, Milton Keynes, August 2012

We have had totally awesome holidays with our exchange partners - and made some lovely long distant friends.
Ms P, Sussex, August 2012

We have thoroughly the exchanges that we have had over the past two years.  We have gone to places that we would not have considered without that invitation to swap, met some lovely people and had some interesting experiences.  Our only regret is that we didn't do it sooner.  We think home swapping is a brilliant concept and that your site is really excellent,so thank you.
Ms T, Weymouth, August 2012

We have had an enjoyable five years which has included ten exchanges, plus another one we have arranged for next month.  We have enjoyed our time and would happily recommend Homelink to anyone who asks. 
Mr F, Essex July 2012

It is going great. We have two weeks in Florida in October, six weeks in Australia in Jan/Feb 2013 and two weeks in Canada in June 2013. Also a provisional three weeks in  NZ in 2014.  So you could say it has been mildly successful!!!!
Mr & Mrs W, Bedfordshire, June 2012 (new member)

We have been totally spoilt by Homelink and are amongst your greatest fans.  We already have a fab place in Mexico lined up for next summer and this October in the Dordogne in the bag too.
Mr R, London, June 2012

I am going to put my house on the market which is why I have not renewed my subscription. If I change my mind I will be back with you before you can say jackie winkie. Homelink and home exchange is the best thing since sliced bread.
Mr B, Dunoon, June 2012

We have a month long exchange to Barbados! - so excited!!!!! I've recommended another friend to Homelink today. I think it is marvellous.
Mrs K, St Albans, May 2012

We absolutely love Homelink and house swapping (and we recommend you chaps all the time to our friends).
Mr B, Spain, April 2012

We have had some great exchanges in Australia, America and New Zealand. We keep on recommending Homelink as we are really happy with all our exchanges.
Mr & Mrs L, France April 2012

... thank you for a wonderful website. We've already had interest in exchanges and it's a marvellous thing.
Mr S, London, April 2012

HomeLink has been a marvellous organisation for us and we have often suggested house swapping to others, recommending membership of HomeLink without reservation.
Ms S, Warwick, March 2012

I just wanted to say how much we are enjoying being members.  We did our first home swap last August with a couple in Sardinia who we keep in touch with and had a fantastic holilday.  We love getting the emails from all over the world and have come across some lovely people.  We are now great fans of house swapping and suggest it to all our friends.  Many thanks for the excellent service and very easy to use website.
Ms D, Pitlochry, March 2012

We have recently done [exchanged to] Nassau, Bequia, St Maarten, Palm Beach, Verona and Como and will do Nairobi and Cuba next. We are having a great time now in Cape Town. So thanks for all the organising!
Mrs I, Henley-on-Thames, March 2012

 ...the service provided by Homelink is very effective and we have been inundated with requests to exchange this summer.
Ms V, Edinburgh, January 2012

We have had such a good response from HomeLink and will be going to 8 different exchanges in Australia next year.  We have had 5 Ozzie couples staying with us this summer.  They have all been lovely.  Meanwhile, we have had a lovely week in Portugal and we are going to St Lucia in March.  It’s such a good idea and I think your service is brilliant.
Ms B, December 2011

I've had a good year with HomeLink.  My exchange in March in New Zealand by Abel Tasmsn was brilliant.  I also did a exchange in Edinburgh during the festival.  Both exchanges have gone very smoothly.  Next year I already have a week in Germany in early August and a big trip to Australia in late September early October.  My son and his partner, from NZ are planning on joining me. I hope all your other members find HomeLink as exciting as I do.
Ms B, Trowbridge, December 2011

We had a great swap in Canada and we really like your personal service and recommend you wherever we are boasting of our fab house swap experiences!
Ms M, London, December 2011

We have nothing but praise for HomeLink and the service you have given us. During our time with HomeLink we reckon we have done well over 100 successful exchanges - most European countries, Canada several times, USA twice, Australia 5 times and New Zealand once and of course GB.
Mr & Mrs H, Abingdon, September 2011.

We have enjoyed many delightful exchanges and made many friends in the process.  We have also enjoyed our long association with you where you have been so patient and helpful.  We wish you many years of success.  With much affection.
Mr & Mrs S, London, September 2011

Going on yet another swap to NY. Such a brilliant idea. Am enjoying it all hugely.
Ms K, London, September 2011

Hello to all fellow Homelink members - what a life changing experience membership over the last year has been.  Thank you Caroline for such a well run service, which feels like a real community. Happy and interesting travels to you all!
Ms F, Middlesex, August 2011 (from Facebook)

We think Homelink is fabulous and we are off to Oz again in March this time for six months. It is wonderful to travel 10,000 miles to be only 20 minutes from our family. Thank again for all your help.
Mr & Mrs S, High Wycombe, August 2011 (from Facebook)

We love HomeLink and have have had fabulous holidays!!
Mr & Mrs W, Bath, June 2011

Caroline, I have not had the oportunity to thank you enough for all the excellent organisation you provide for us homelink members. This is the best thing that has happend to all my family.
Ms S, Mexico, May 2011

This year we have arranged exchanges in New Zealand for RWC 2011, followed by Melbourne and Tasmania. This is a great way to see the World and make new friends!
Ms McG, Troon, May 2011

We are very pleased with our membership, we are off to Paris for an exchange in July and have had over 100 offers this year. I sing your praises to all my friends as I just cannot see any drawbacks, I only wish I had known of it when my children were small, and once my husband retires I know we will be able to use it even more, so thank you.
Ms L, London, May 2011

We've just come back from a fantastic Easter exchange in Devon - as ever NEVER dissapointed with Homelink exchanges.
Mr B, Liverpool, April 2011  

We are so happy we joined HomeLink as it has made our retirement one of the happiest experiences of our lives and we have mande many friends in all the different countries.
Mrs H, Coventry, April 2011

What a great site Homelink is!  We have had six  happy exchanges in Australia and New Zealand so far and plan more.
Mrs S, Bury St Edmunds, March 2011

I thought that I would update you on our first week of joining homelink, thanks to your wonderful site with have already organised an exchange with a lovely family in Portugal for 3 weeks this summer, we were very lucky in finding a family with lots of experience in exchanging.  We received offers from different parts of Australia, France, Portugal and Germany.
Mrs W, Canterbury, February 2011

Hi from us two.  We only joined you a couple of months ago... we are retiring very shortly and felt that we wanted a gap year , but then started to worry about our grandios ideas matching with the budget available........... so a friend mentioned house exchanging.  I researched it on the net and very soon found your site.  It was far the best one for ease of use and interest and I was quickly hooked.  I,ve had real fun sorting all this out and amazingly have arranged 4 (possibly 5) exchanges for a 9 month trip to Aus and NZ. I think you can say that we will be members for many years to come - USA next!!
Mr & Mrs M, Newcastle upon Tyne, February 2011

We have had three swaps so far and they have all worked out so well. We are off to California this summer. We are always telling people how great swapping is and directing them to your website. It's one of the best things we've ever done.
Mrs R, Falkirk, February 2011

We had had three fantastic exchanges visiting family and friends in Australia over Christmas and New Year - they seem to get better and better!I have been singing the praises of Homelink to all.
Mrs K, London, February 2011

I am thrilled with Homelink. We have done 9 swaps in the last year all hugely successful.
Mrs D, London, January 2011

I am your organisation's keenest fan !! I wish I had found you 20 years ago, but am trying to make up for it now. Happy Christmas.
Mrs H, Henley on Thames, December 2010

We have been having the most amazing time travelling the world with Homelink, in December we are off to Bequia, St Maarten and Palm Beach! We keep making the most delightful friends and the best thing is when we exchange again and we find this really easy and much more social.
Mrs I, London, November 2010

We became members in early May and have no previous home exchange experience. In mid June we had completed arranging a 16 week trip including exchanges (8 in total) We fly to San Francisco and drive to Los Angeles - staying 2 nights en route with an exchange partner. After 8 days in the USA we head to 2 months in New Zealand and this includes 3 home exchanges of a week each. We then head to Australia for 5 weeks, 4 of which will be spent in 3 exchange homes. Our final stop is a 1 week exchange near Cape Town. On our return we will change our web entry to show "experienced" !!!
Mr O'N, Cheshire, October 2010

I would just like to say how very good your organisation is and how much we have enjoyed our various trips through HomeLink.  Every single exchange has been a complete joy, many thanks.
Ms B, France, August 2010

We are currently enjoying a penthouse apartment in Sydney and have been here for 3 months. We have made 8 exchanges so far (NZ, Alice Springs, etc.) and have our 9th one booked - Canada. We are delighted with your website as it enables us to both travel and see our son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren regularly - they live in Sydney. Were it not for Homelink, we would not have a relationship with our grandchildren because the family live in a small, two-bedroomed flat and there is simply not enough space to accommodate us.
Mrs T, South Glamorgan, May 2010

We have been inundated with wonderful offers and it is terribly tempting just to pack our bags and head off around the world! We already have an exchange to the north of Spain in the first week of July and will exchange in New Zealand for a month in October. Now we are also waiting to decide what to do about an exchanges in Australia and Ireland in 2011. We still don't really know what to expect but we are excited by the prospect of it all! Thanks for your help and support.
Ms R, London, May 2010

We've just renewed our subscription after 4 exchanges in our first year with you. We're now dedicated exchangers and have two more booked for this year already.  Would definately recommend homelink and having looked at other (cheaper) sites it's worth paying a bit more!
Ms A, Lincoln, April 2010

Homelink really is a first class organisation.  I have been houseswapping for years and have been with three different companies, but Homelink is head and shoulders above the rest.
Ms A, London, April 2010

2010 we have San Francisco and Cape Town lined up (both big houses with pools in smart suburbs) and Easter 2011 a very smart apartment in the Alps. So big fans as ever.
Mr R, London, April 2010

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your time when we spoke a couple of weeks back (we're the ones with the 5 month old who want to go back to Australia at short notice!!)  and also to let you know the amazing response we've had. We've been lucky enough to get 3 great offers and are working with a lovely lady to exchange.  She's experienced so is showing us the ropes; she's been great and we had a long conversation on the phone so I feel quite comfortable about the exchange.  Her house looks beautiful and she's happy for Ben's mum to join us there so we're going to have a great family holiday over there.  Without this we would have been either staying with friends or in some tiny self contained appartment!
Ms M, Berkshire, March 2010

Thankyou for helping me get my proposed  first exchange.  I am so pleased i joined.. i am having fun just talking with others ... there's a big wide world out there!! Once again thankyou for your ongoing support.
Ms L, Suffolk, March 2010

Wonderful website, wonderful people - can't praise you guys enough!
Mr C, Brighton, March 2010

I have had a fantastic first year and am one of the individuals who must wonder why 'they did not do it years ago'. Last year we saw Philadelphia, New York and Perth. Planned for 2010 are Nice, Majorca, Seattle and Vancouver (with the hunt still on for our xmas venue). I am a strong advocate for the organisation as it has opened up so many affordable options for me.
Ms B, Sheffield, January 2010

We agreed a fab swap in San Francisco for this summer:  In 12 months we will have had swaps in Hong Kong, San Francisco and Cape Town.  As I have always said, we are big fans of Homelink!
Mr R, London, January 2010

...have had 2 offers already, one from USA and Germany and both houses look fab, it hasn't even been 24 hrs!
Ms C, London, January 2010

It wouldn't be New Year if we couldn't daydream about a home exchange.
Mr S, Colcehster, January 2010

We've found the Homelink service first rate - both the overall methodology and your own assistance. We have arranged two swaps. In particular, an exchange with a charming Italian couple with a wonderful villa directly on Lake Como has resulted in great friendship.
Mr S, Tunbridge Wells, December 2009

We wished we had joined years ago because we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves, thanks to you.
Mr D, Dorset, October 2009

I am delighted to have renewed my Homelink membership and would like to thank you once again for making our lovely exchange holidays possible. In the process, we have also made some lasting friendships (and, as we need reciprocal pet care, have met some very fine cats!)
Ms T, Bath, October 2009

Many thanks and we had two more successful exchanges this year ­ two weeks in North Carolina and two weeks in Washington DC we can’t really understand why more people don’t do this!
Mrs W, Monmouth, October 2009

We have had a fantastic exchange year, being away from home in all for 3 months...  Many, many thanks for all your help, support and understanding during the past year.  You have been marvellous.
Mr & Mrs C, Devon, October 2009

We have just completed our 18th exchange, with car in Newport Rhode Island and thoroughly enjoy each one. Its a great way to see the world. We have exchanged in Costa Rica, South Africa, Provence x 3, Rome, S.Italy, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Vancouver, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Carmel, Florida, S.Carolina, Mexico and Ireland.
Mrs B, London, September 2009

We much appreciate your care in checking that things are going OK.  We are due to go to an exchange home in Florida in June and have 3 consecutive non-simultaneous exchanges in New Zealand for January. Not bad for beginners!
Mrs H, Cumbria, May 2009

We experienced our first exchange over Christmas and are now addicted!!!.
Mr G, London, April 2009

It only took about two weeks from re-joining you to us having our next exchange worked out. Thanks to you and Homelink we are on our way to Sydney and only 20 minutes from from our Daughter.
Mr S, High Wycombe, March 2009

We are big fans of Homelink and have had some great holidays out of it - Barbados twice, Florida and Holland so far.
Mr R, London, March 2009

We have had great times on our exchanges - we have managed 14 over the last three years - and made some great friends. Thanks also for your efficient and friendly organisation
Mr and Mrs M, London, March 2009

What a wonderful web site and business you have created. I already have an exchange arranged for the autumn in Toronto and next Spring in Nevada. I have had so many requests it has been amazing. I really should have done this years ago as it is such fun. Thanks again for making it possible and for your excellent customer service.
Ms W, Cardiff, February 2009

Thank you very much indeed for your helpful, detailed advice.  You might like to know that we are also listed with [another home exchange company], but HomeLink is immeasurably better and a truly remarkable organisation. I had quickly realised that HomeLink's quality is exceptional, and that impression is only enhanced by the personal attention you have given this.
Mr H, Cambridge, February 2009

We would like to send a quick thank you for your excellent website! We have just joined and have already arranged an exchange with a lovely family in Switzerland for this summer... ALL SORTED IN JUST 3 DAYS!!!! is this some sort of record???  Many thanks again, and well done 'Homelink'!
Mr & Mrs J, Northern Ireland, January 2009

We had another lovely exchange to Brazil this year for a month, two weeks in Rio, a week in an eco lodge in the rain forest and cruise along the Amazon.  All through Homelink, I have done over 20 swaps since my first to New York in 1982, I belong to four other swap sites but I don't think any were through one of the other sites.   I also get maybe 3-4 offers every week through Homelink, one a month from the others
Mr A, Cambridge, October 2008

We continue to LOVE our homelink membership!
Miss W, London, August 2008

You offer a first-class service and I've particularly been impressed by your own personal involvement.  It makes a lot of difference to feel there is someone (with a name!) that one can relate to.
Mrs C, Sutton Coldfield March 2008

We're very much enjoying using Homelink - we've enjoyed a number of exchanges, more holidays than we could otherwise afford and by swapping with other families our kids have been able to enjoy set up 'playrooms' which paid hotel holidays don't allow for. Well done!
Mrs K, London March 2008

Just a wee note to say how much we've enjoyed our exchanges so far, everything has gone pretty smoothly, we've been to amazing places and met wonderful people - we now consider friends. Long may it continue.
Mrs H, Aberdeenshire September 2007

Thanks for a very efficient service. Homelink gets better every year.   We just wish there were more free weeks in a year to take up all the great offers we have had!
Mrs B, Hampshire July 2007

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