Expanding Your Descriptive Text

Apart from the photos, the descriptive text that you add to your listing is the most important thing you can do to increase interest in your home.  Those members who spend half an hour or so adding further text undoubtedly get more interest.  Home exchanging is more location-driven than house-driven, so the key things to get across are attractions in your area.  Here are some suggestions as to what you might like to add:

a) House

  • the aim is to make your house sound a comfortable and inviting place to stay
  • mention any appealing features appropriate to the time which you'd like to travel e.g garden in the summer, log fire in the winter
  • think about your ideal exchange partner and things which may be of interest to them e.g peace and quiet, access to city centre, infant care facilities, bicycles and children's toys.

b) Immediate vicinity

  • give some indication about your local neighbourhood - mention leisure facilities, country pubs, shopping etc

c) Attractions that can be reached from your home

  • this is the most important section so mention a whole range of things that your guests may do when they visit your home (remember that they probably won't know your area well) for example:
  • stately homes and historic monuments / cities
  • leisure attractions such as race courses, theme parks,
  • access to countryside - are there National Parks or nature reserves nearby?
  • transport links - remember, your exchange partner may use your home as a base, so explain how accessible your home is to other areas of the country

d)  Many members also add a paragraph about their family and perhaps a bit about what kind of trip they are after.  For example it can help if you say whether you are looking for a city home or something more rural or perhaps if you have a specific reason for wanting to visit a particular area.  Coupled with a family photo, this can help people put a face to the names that they're corresponding with.

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