Top Tips for Great Home Exchange Photos

Home exchange listings with attractive photos routinely receive far more offers than those without, so it is well worth spending a bit of time adding some great, informative images to your listing. 

It's generally best to show an exterior shot as the first image, unless your home is an apartment in which case a good shot of a living area is fine.

Here are a few photo tips to help you make the most of your listing:

Show the exterior

Light it up!

home exchange photos - exterior home exchange photo - light
Help people imagine what coming home would be like. Photograph the whole building and surrounding area.  Try and take it on a sunny day! Brightness gives depth and colour to a photo. Sunlight is best, but if it's a gloomy day, just turn the lights on.


Shoot into a corner


home exchange photo - corner home exchange photo - clutter
Shooting into a corner helps show the range of space by adding dimension, and gives the appearance of being larger. De-cluttering will make your home look and feel more inviting and spacious ... as long as this is a true reflection of how guests will find your home.


What makes your home special?

Show your family

home exchange photo - view Home exchange family photo
Show features that make your home appealing and comfortable e.g. patio, BBQ, view. You can also add shots of local places of interest e.g the local pub or stately homes. Introduce yourself with a photo on your Family Profile - and perhaps show any pets as well. Remember the old tune "Getting to know you"!

Finally a few other points:

  • Images must be in jpeg format
  • If you have portrait photos and can’t rotate them, email them to me and I’ll do this for you (to save other members craning their necks!)
  • Do add captions to your photos just type your text in the box below each photo. 

If you have any difficulty with formatting or loading photos, please email them to the HomeLink office at and we will happily do this for you.

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