Insurance for Home Swappers

Home swapping is basically a trust-based arrangement and problems between HomeLink members are rare.  However, you still need to ensure that you are adequately insured against mishaps while your exchange guests are in residence, so we strongly recommend that you double-check the validity of your policies and the extent of the cover in relation to all exchanges.

Home Insurance

The first thing you must do is to check with your current home insurance provider to establish whether your existing policy can be extended to cover you and your home while your exchange guests are in residence. 

Insurance providers in the UK vary in their willingness to accommodate home exchange guests.  If your current provider is unable to provide adequate cover you have two options.  You may wish to move your entire insurance policy to a different provider who offers a more suitable level of cover.

Alternatively, you can purchase a temporary, additional policy which will offer extended cover to your guests whilst in your home.  We have teamed up with xxx, who offer short-term policies, charged by the day, aimed specifically at home exchangers.  To find out more about the cover offered by xxx and for details of a discount for HomeLink members, please go to our dedicated page.

Travel Insurance

Home exchangers can have problems finding a policy which includes adequate cover for cancellation.

Most travel policies do not cater for home exchangers, who are dependent on the other party vacating their home before they can move in.  There is a company which recognises the need for this type of cover and who will offer cancellation cover if your exchange partner cancels for an insurable reason.  They are GJ Sladdin and can be contacted on 01422-339152 - just quote HomeLink and they will explain their cancellation policy.  Obviously you will need to check the small print of the policy document to ensure that the cover meets your needs.

Car Insurance

If you are planning to swap cars you will need to add your exchange partners to your policy for the duration of their stay.  Not all insurance companies will allow the temporary addition of overseas drivers to a policy, so do check with your insurance provider before committing to a car exchange.

If you are not able to do this on your current policy, one solution is to move your policy to a more accommodating insurer.  Temporary additions of up to a month are usually quite straight forward and longer additions may be possible.   If you need advice on suitable companies please get in touch.

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