Why HomeLink?

Wide range of countries

If you compare home exchange organisations, you will notice that some companies have a disproportionate number of homes in North America and have relatively few in Europe and Australasia. HomeLink has many members in Europe and Australia / New Zealand and in over 80 countries around the world.

Worldwide network

Unlike many Web only organisations, HomeLink has representatives in 27 major countries. Support and assistance in a member's native language are just an email or phone call away. Sections of the members' listings are translated into 16 different languages, so that fellow members can read about your home in their mother tongue. If you have a problem overseas, all of our Organisers speak English and can usually provide assistance.


Members of HomeLink can be contacted only by other genuine registered members whose homes are listed. Some web-based organisations offer an "Open System" in which any "anonymous" visitor can contact any member.

Nearly 60 years' experience

HomeLink was established in 1953 and we have a long track record of facilitating home exchanges. After all, this is your holiday and home so you want some assurance that the organisation will be there when you need it. Every year new home exchange organisations spring up and every year a similar number disappear. HomeLink has been helping people exchange homes for nearly 60 years.

Up-to-date listings

Some less reputable home exchange organisations keep homes on their site indefinitely to artificially inflate their numbers. Some even copy listings from other organisations or offer free-membership. Users have no idea how old the listings might be or if the individual is still interested in a home exchange. With Homelink you can be sure that members are actively looking to arrange an exchange.

Multiple websites

We maintain separate web-sites (currently 18) specifically for major countries around the world. These sites are in the domestic language(s) and run by HomeLink representatives native to that country. These are real sites run by real people. Each site allows access to the home exchange databases running on the central servers. Every HomeLink Organiser in the world has complete 24-hour access to administer the central database. New listings may be uploaded, passwords administered, and listings edited 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

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